Save The Best Moments From Your Wedding

What better way to make memories of your wedding than to get a video done of the whole day? Here are some of the shots that you can choose before selecting a photography/ video package for your wedding or when deciding what to include in the final photographer Liverpool


This is the most important aspect of any marriage ceremony. There are few shots of the ceremony that you simply must have to remember your wonderful day. Ceremony shots can include a shot of the groom waiting at the altar and the bride’s arrival with the marriage ceremony procession. Also try to have the exchange of rings and vows and the first kiss as a married couple included too.

Pre wedding shots
While pre wedding shots is not a must, including some clips from before the ceremony starts can set the mood of your wedding video Sydney. This doesn’t need to be a lot of shots. You can get some shots of the bride or the groom preparing, the guests arriving at the venue, and a shot or two of the venue itself and maybe the wedding decorations, the aisle and the flower arrangements.


The reception of a marriage ceremony is the buzzier and more entertaining part of the wedding. It is always better to include the usual shots such as the first dance of the couple, the cake cutting, family dances, bouquet toss of the bride, toasts and the exit of the newlywed couple. The shots from the reception can also include the speeches, especially the ones from the bridesmaid and the best man.


Candids can always add a bit of sentimentality to your video. Sometimes these shots will be the most beautiful and emotional ones as they are taken in natural pose. However, if you feel like some candid photos should not be included in the video you can go through the candid shots from the entire celebration and discuss with the wedding photographer Liverpool what you need to have and what you don’t want on the video. Some of the best kind of candids in a marriage ceremony shoot include a smile shared between the couple, a proud expression from a happy parent, a surprise dance prepared for the couple etc. It is always better if you can hire two photographers for your wedding instead of one. This way more photographs can be taken and more memories will be saved for you to look at and cherish. Remember you can have a say in the photos or video clips that will end up on the final edited video so make sure to choose ones you love the most.

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