Essentials You Need To Know About Premature Babies

If you have given birth to a premature baby, you might be both happy and slightly worried. What you need to remember here is that premature job, although uncommon, is not completely unusual. There are many healthy children and adults all around the world who were born prematurely. If you have a premature baby, it doesn’t mean that you should be worried, rather you just need to be a bit more careful. The following are some tips that will help you to take special care of your infant.


You need to keep in mind that premature babies need more nourishment than full-term infants. So, you might have to feed your child more regularly than usual. But this does not mean that you should resort to aggressive feeding. Speaking to your doctor and sort out a schedule that is suitable for the child before you get discharged from the hospital. Moreover, the baby might have some trouble with sucking and breathing while feeding, you need to ask for the physician’s advice regarding this too.

Close Contact

You need to establish skin-to-skin contact during the early days itself. You need to put the baby only in a diaper and baby the baby on your chest. Turn the baby’s head to one side so that the ear will be on your heart. Research suggests that this kind of contact will enable the child to bond with the mother easily. It also improves the infant’s overall health and promotes breastfeeding.


When putting your child to sleep after kangaroo care Australia, you need to make sure that your baby sleeps on his or her back. You need to remember that premature babies sleep more often than regular infants. So, you need to ensure that they are comfortable. Even though they might only sleep for shorter periods, it is best to put them on their backs. This is essential to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.


You cannot take your baby any where you want. Your child has an under-developed immune system and therefore can be vulnerable to various viral infections. So, you need to limit the visits too. Do not take your child anywhere except to the doctor. Also, when you are go to visit the doctor, do not stay in the visiting area. Instead, you can ask to stay in the examining area as it is safer.

If you have any questions or queries about raising a premature baby, you should not hesitate to contact your physician. It is important for you to clear your doubts then and there.

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