CAD Drafting Techniques

Those who work as CAD drafters are professionals who can produce different kinds of plans, technical drawings and documents with the aid of such software and systems. CAD refers to computer aided design and it also refers to drafting techniques as well. CAD drafters are required for their skills in diverse fields. The drafters need to be experts in planning out any drafting project initially. They need to have specialized skills and knowledge which include knowhow of technical drawings, drafting standards, techniques as well as knowledge of the CAD programs.

Tools used

The CAD system is the main tool used by drafters which are the computer aided design and drafting system. These come as computer programs with varying features. One can create technical drawings with the help of these programs which can be two dimensional or three dimensional as well. AutoCAD is one of the well known software in this field which an architect usually depends upon.

Different specializations

CAD drafters usually work in varied specialized fields. For instance, an architect would use an architectural CAD drafter’s skill in order to get architectural drawings done for their different projects. The civil engineers also need the help of drafters who need to draw up plans for civil engineering projects. These include sewage systems, roads and bridges. There are other fields where drafters work like aeronautical fields where plans are drafted out for aircraft design and manufacture. CAD drafters also work in electronic fields where they help in the design of electronic devices like multimedia players and microprocessors. 

Training in drafting

Those who work as CAD drafters need to have a technical degree in a related field. Usually one might be trained in architecture or other designing fields. In certain cases, people obtain an associate degree in drafting technology where they learn the tricks of the trade in handling different drafting programs. These programs are usually designed to span two years and can be found in vocational training colleges and technical schools. For those who have specialized in a certain vocation like architecture and obtained additional skills in CAD drafting will have specialized jobs in select sectors.

Obtaining the help of professional drafters

Those who are looking to draw up technical plans will want to find out professional drafters who can use the right software in drawing up the plans on a computer. One can provide the basic dimensions and requirements to the drafter who will then incorporate the same in a computer program in order to form a computer based design draft of the plan. This is required for completion of any design or building project as well as to submit a final plan to a client or a customer.